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    Named a Gartner ‘Cool’ vendor for BPM in 2012, XMPro remains the cool brand when it comes to business process management. Known as the hybrid, intelligent BPM, XMPro is jam packed full of features that is made to service the knowledge workers of today.

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    What sets XMPro apart?

    The world’s first hybrid, intelligent BPM

    XMPro is a super flexible BPM solution that lets you integrate predictive analytics plus social and mobile technologies into all your key processes along with the apps that enable them. Work with native hybrid process flows and inbuilt social collaborations while staying within compliant boundaries. Roll over the icons to find out how.

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    The big questions answered.
    Watch the videos below to have those BPM questions answered.
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    How can social workflows increase your

    Why do traditional workflows fail?

    What’s the difference between the knowledge
    and machine economy?

    What does a hybrid workflow offer than a
    structured workflow cant?

    What does ‘best next action’ mean and
    why is it so important?

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    Central Land Council Case Study

    Business Process Management delivering business solutions again and again

    Central Land Council required a number of new initiatives to add productivity and governance to a range of operational and resource planning concerns. With XMPro they were able to digitise a selection of key business processes all previously reliant on mixes of manual, paper and office/access systems.

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